MSE Systems reduces water usage at equipment hire company

MSE Systems has provided Sunbelt Rentals with a fully automated wastewater treatment system following a successful testing period last year.
The company, a specialist in equipment hire for construction, infrastructure, industrial, government, and events since 1947, required the solution for its Trakway panel washing operation in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.
The team at MSE Systems was asked to provide a system that would dramatically reduce the amount of fresh water used by Sunbelt Rentals when cleaning the dirty Trakway panels ready for use by new customers.
Trakway is a series of panels laid down to create access to fields and sites that are usually inaccessible to vehicles and pedestrians.
The cleaning process of the Trakway panels results in high water usage and Sunbelt Rentals was looking for an economical and sustainable solution that would enable them to re-cycle the used wash water.
With clean water flowing at 10 m3/hr, the firm required a system that would clean the water and recycle it back into the high pressure washers that clean the panels.
MSE Systems designed a complete packaged plant that included heavy duty feed pumps, tanks, lamella settling unit with automated control, containerised chemical dosing systems, and a complete sludge dewatering and conveying system.
The new state-of-the-art system which combines MSE’s Lamella tank technology, is in-line with Sunbelt Rental’s commitment to new, innovative technologies, and sustainable ways of working.
The Lamella tank is used for the effective, continuous removal and storage of solids held suspended within water and responsible for its dirty and discoloured appearance.
A high-performance compact Lamella settling tank is used to administer chemical dosing and PH correction to ensure that the freshly cleaned water is then overflowed back to the water holding tank for re-use.
Using the new MSE System, Sunbelt Rentals is now able to filter the water contaminated with straw, soil, wood and other debris accumulated after the Trakway panels have been used.
The settled solids, which are monitored by torque control on a mixer, are transferred from the base of the Lamella to the sludge holding tank where they are stored prior to processing and dewatering in a containerised MSE Hiller sludge dewatering centrifuge system.
The discharge water from the centrifuge system is clean and discharged back through to the start of the system to ensure a robust recycling process that is safe to be used again and again in the high-pressure wash system.
The solids leave the centrifuge as a stackable soil-like cake material at 55 - 75% dry solids and, in doing so, further reduces Sunbelt Rentals’ environmental impact.
Richard Smith, depot manager for Sunbelt Rentals, saidg: “Since installing the system we have seen a large reduction in the volume of fresh water used at our washing plant and the fact that the soil solids are discharged in one place means that the whole site is clean and tidy again.”

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