Mrs Robinson – behind the success of a UK pump company

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Liz Robinson would much prefer not to be doing this interview.
Rightly proud of pump manufacturer Landia UK’s 30th anniversary this year, Liz knows the ins and outs of those eventful past three decades, because she’s been there since day one.
As the epitome of an unsung hero, she politely grimaces at the very thought of this article and its headline being put out into the public domain.
In a humble converted outbuilding engulfed by some interesting odours from a nearby chicken processor in Shropshire, England, Liz bravely took a leap of faith in 1994 with Hugh Vaughan to see if the long-established (1933) Danish pump company could establish a foothold in the United Kingdom and Ireland.
“Living in the same village, Hughie and I already knew each other outside of our day jobs,” explains Liz. “Hughie always said to me: ‘I’ll have a job for you one day,’ and true to his word, that’s exactly what happened. I joined him at a local agricultural supplier.
“Hughie was already selling Landia pumps and mixers, but he’d reached a point where he needed to move on, so approached Landia with his vision of setting up a dedicated business...

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