Mouser to distribute Kavlico pressure sensors

Mouser has entered into a global distribution agreement with Kavlico Pressure Sensors, a precision pressure sensor specialist offering reliable solutions for harsh and demanding applications including transportation, industrial, medical, aerospace, and defence.

The available Kavlico Pressure Sensors product line includes board-mount and industrial pressure sensors.

The P1A family of ceramic capacitive pressure sensors features a highly modular compact geometry and incorporates the latest generation sensing elements with state-of-the-art ASICs.

Designed to withstand harsh environments, they feature electromagnetic interference (EMI) protection, shock and vibration performance, longevity, and high quality.

Kavlico’s thin-film strain-gauge-sensing technology provides the core of the rugged PTA5000 series.

With a stainless steel, hermetically sealed design, the PTA5000 package isolates the sensing element from almost any media without requiring internal sealing.

The PTA5000 sensors’ compact, durable design and low overall weight make them ideal for high-temperature applications with spacing and weight limitations.

The P528 series incorporates Kavlico’s fourth-generation ceramic capacitive sense element with the latest proprietary ASIC.

The P528 is well-suited for measuring a broad range of process media including hydrocarbon-based fluids, air, and gases.

The widely used PS312 series modules are equipped with a robust flush-mounted ceramic sensing diaphragm that is compatible with most industrial fluids and gaseous media.

The modules allow for easy integration and installation into final assemblies for a wide variety of applications, including pumps and compressors, HVAC, and power generators.

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