Morrison Pump Company awarded pump contract for US Army Corps

Morrison Pump Company has been awarded the contract to supply eight high capacity Morrison Axial Flow Pumps for the US Army Corps of Engineers Picayune Strand Restoration Project.

The pumps will be installed in the Miller Pump Station in Florida as part of the Florida Everglades Restoration Project, restoring fresh water flow, rehydrating 55,000 acres of drained wetlands, and returning habitat to threatened wildlife communities.

Eight high-efficiency Morrison Vertical Pumps will provide over 700,000 gallons per minute (44 m3/s) total pumping capacity. Six high flow Morrison Pumps will be diesel engine driven and contain 30 feet (9.1m) long US Army Corps-type formed suction intakes, and two low flow Morrison Pumps will be electric motor driven. The company will also be providing a physical hydraulic model study of the pump station intake systems and factory pump performance testing in support of the environmental project.

Morrison Pump Company has completed initial pump engineering and analyses and plans to commence manufacture in 2015. The eight vertical pumps, along with diesel engines, speed reducers, electric motors and control panels are scheduled for delivery in 2016.

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