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Morgan to manufacture large severe service ball valves

Morgan Advanced Materials has revealed its capability to manufacture balls up to DN250 in diameter for severe service valves from its Nilcra Zirconia-based material.

Valve balls have so far only been available in sizes of up to DN150, but the trend in process industries to reduce cost by designing systems with larger pipe diameters, which require fewer devices overall, has created a demand for larger balls.

Morgan states its new balls are suitable for flow control valves operating in industries such as mineral processing, oil and gas, and pulp and paper.

The valve balls are manufactured from Nilcra, a Zirconia-based material partially stabilised with magnesia, which – according to Morgan – delivers a longer component lifetime when compared with conventional materials due to its greater strengths, toughness, and resistance to erosion and corrosion.

 The material’s properties should make it suitable for use with slurries generated in mineral processing as well as abrasive rock particles and sand encountered in oil and gas extraction and processing.

‘Flow levels are determined by the square of the pipe diameter, meaning a DN250 system can handle approximately three times the capacity of its DN150 counterpart, typically reducing overall component count by around 65%,’ says Morgan’s Steve Thompson, explaining the functionality of the larger severe service valves.

‘We have pushed the boundaries of ceramic processing and can now deliver valve balls in this size, opening up a realm of new possibilities for system designers.’