Moog digital control servo valves receive FM approval

Motion control products manufacturer Moog announced it has received certification according to NEC 505 from FM Approvals for its range of digital control servo valve products.

The valves can be used on both onshore and offshore oil and gas drill rigs and the range also holds ATEX and IECEx certifications.

According to Moog, the explosion-proof digital control servo and proportional valves can be used in a range of oil and gas exploration and production applications, including control of the following:

  • Rotary table on the deck of a rig during drilling, which provides rotational torque to a drill string through the process of drilling a borehole
  • Draw-works, which are used to hoist and lower drilling pipe into a borehole
  • Iron roughneck, that connects and disconnect pipe segments used in a borehole

“In North America, it’s critical for oil and gas manufacturers, operators and technology suppliers to meet NEC 505 – the electric code for locations where hazardous, flammable gases may exist,” said Craig Jackson, regional sales manager for Moog’s oil and gas market. “With this series of Moog explosion-proof servo and proportional valves having passed the full-hazard area test protocols, machine operators can rely on us to build a compliant system on their rigs.

“We’re not just selling certified servo valves. Moog is a solutions provider with engineers across North America and the globe who assist customers to identify their application requirements. Moog engineers are experts in designing motion control components that meet the customers’ application parameters and stringent hazardous area requirements.”

The newly certified valve range can also be used in hazardous environments such as power generation and chemical processing.

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