Monitoring solution helps avoid unplanned downtime

Rheinhütte Pumpen has revealed that almost all of its series are now equipped with the i-ALERT2 monitoring system as standard.
The sensor mounted on the bearing bracket monitors the vibration of the pump and the temperature of the bearings.
If the pump exceeds the preset limits in two consecutive measurements, the unit goes into alarm mode and this is indicated by a red flashing LED on the unit. The stored measured values can be transmitted to a terminal device via radio transmission.
In this way, inadmissible operating conditions can be detected, and changes can be made to the process or the pump in good time before the machine fails. The i-ALERT®2 sensor transmits sensor-related data stored in the device (such as vibration, temperature, runtime information, and device statistics) via Bluetooth to a free app.
This allows on-site staff to record machine condition data on their mobile devices, even from a safe distance of up to 25 metres.
Depending on the medium conveyed, this option is an important contribution to occupational safety.
Plant managers can view all data remotely on a web-based Ai platform and thus monitor entire plants.
This continuous monitoring enables faults to be detected at an early stage. Necessary service work can thus be scheduled during a planned plant shutdown.
This avoids high maintenance and production downtime costs of an unplanned malfunction.
However, exceptions are made for individual designs, such as heated pumps, or if other monitoring systems are used at the customer's request.

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