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Momentive to introduce new liquid silicone rubber to reduce valve slit healing

Momentive Performance Materials, a global silicones and advanced materials producer, is set to introduce Silopren liquid silicone rubber (LSR) type called RSH (Reduced Self-Healing) at Fakuma 2015, 13-15 October.

The Silopren LSR RSH series is capable of providing reduced self-healing of valve slits and offers potential benefits to a wide range of valve and fluid-flow products in the food, medical, and infant care industries.

Silicone slit valves often experience sticking or self-healing issues when subjected to harsh conditions.

On medical devices, such as needle-free infusion systems, a risk with valve healing is decreased dose precision of liquid or fluid.

The slitting design in both medical and food applications presents a challenge for manufacturers who often have to add a non-stick surface treatment to facilitate separation of the slit surfaces or provide special handling and storage instructions for valve opening.

This not only increases the cost to manufacturers but also the risk of contamination of the products.

Momentive’s new Silopren LSR RSH series has improved material properties that can help solve the self-healing issue of slit valves.