MOGAS – challenges and solutions

MOGAS, which was founded by Louis Mogas in 1973, is known for partnering with customers to meet the increasing challenges of severe service applications, so it was no surprise that the firm was called in to assist at a refinery.
The delayed coking unit sees some of the most severe conditions in a refinery.
The unit processes heavy oils or residuum and depending on the residence time in a valve, the residuum will solidify and cause coke build-up in the valve body.
For years, a delayed coking unit in a heavy oils processing plant in mid-west US accepted as ‘normal’ from their existing switch valve issues in their switching operation, such as sticking valve, a valve body that cokes up, excessive steam usage, undependable deliveries and lack of service support. These ongoing issues reduced their efficiency and were a continuous downtime threat to their daily production of 12,000 barrels per day.
Previously, MOGAS had installed in the refinery overhead vapour and coke drum feed isolation valves. These valves were successful in their use.
Based on this success, the plant approached MOGAS to provide solutions to the refinery’s switching...

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