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Missouri pipeline leak fixed

According to ABC News the Keystone pipeline in Missouri is now repaired after a segment was shut down in early February when a leak was detected.

ABC News states that Terry Cunha of pipeline operator TransCanda says that the segment from Steele City, Nebraska, to Patoka, Illinois, was restarted last week.

The leak was first detected on February 6 near the St. Louis suburb of St. Charles. According to The Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR) states that 12 barrels of crude oil, 504 gallons (1,908 litres) have been removed from the release site.

A further 1,087 barrels of oil/water mix and 1,069 cubic yards of soil were removed.

ABC News reports that the DNR says that initial sampling of nearby private wells has shown no impact from the leak.

The agency told ABC News that the final clean-up of the debris and damage left by the pipeline leak will be complete over the next few days.  


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