Missouri American Water upgrades wastewater system at Rogue Creek

Missouri American Water has improved efficiency of the Rogue Creek wastewater system, by completing over $350,000 (€314,347) in upgrades, including new sewer lines, safety system improvements and new electrical equipment.

“When a water or sewer system has been neglected and under-invested in for years, as was the case in Rogue Creek, it usually needs quite a bit of work to get it back into compliance and running properly,” said Debbie Dewey, president of Missouri American Water.

“We are proud that Missouri American Water can help struggling systems improve their safety and reliability while keeping rates affordable due to our strong technical expertise and economies of scale.”

Many elements of the Rogue Creek wastewater treatment plant required replacing or upgrading. The plant posed safety hazards and environmental concerns, as well as operational efficiencies.

“One of the most critical upgrades was the installation of a new influent sewer line to the treatment plant to replace the old, leaking line,” added Renee Lawrence, an engineer at Missouri American Water.

During the upgrades, the company pumped and hauled waste to another treatment facility so that customers would not be inconvenienced.

Lawrence continued: “It’s part of our effort to upgrade water and sewer systems while minimizing disruption to our customers.”

Instead of rebuilding the plant, existing infrastructure was reused and all internal components were refurbished or replaced. A new walkway and platform with continuous handrails have been installed for safe crossing over a creek.

New electrical equipment at the plant, including a new service panel to power branch circuits and new perimeter lights, were also installed. New process equipment and blowers will improve plant treatment and overall efficiency.

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