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Michael Smith Engineers introduces high capacity twin screw pumps

Michael Smith Engineers has recently introduced in the UK a self-priming pump which can provide pulseless flows up to 1700 m3/hr and at pressures up to 55 bar.

The high capacity 3P Prinz Twin Screw positive displacement pumps feature one or two pairs of screws (depending on the model), which are driven by external gearing so the screws never come into contact with each other. This twin screw 'non-contact' design also means high suction lift capability (typically 7 to 8.5m), low NPSH values and less component wear and therefore a longer service life.

3P Prinz Twin Screw pumps are suitable for pumping fluids with low, medium and very high viscosities up to 35, 000 cSt and at a range of pressures. Components are machined with accurate tolerances and with high quality surface finishing which results in reduced clearances and minimises the potential for leakages and slip.

The pumps are capable of operating at high angular speeds due to the screws' low inertia and this facilitates a range of flow rates if the pumps are driven by a variable speed drive or inverter. They are designed to provide constant flow, regardless of pressure changes, particularly when viscous liquids are being pumped. Alternatively, they can be used on dosing and metering applications.

For toxic or dangerous fluid applications the pumps can be supplied hermetically sealed, complete with a magnetic drive to eliminate the potential for any leakage into the environment.

3P Prinz twin screw pumps can be offered to an API 676 specification for the petrochemical, oil and gas industries. They can also be used for pumping applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries for transferring a range of challenging liquids such as; bitumen, tar, lubricating oils, crude oil, grease, paraffin, wax and molasses.