Mexico pipeline explosion kills 91 people

According to Reuters, a fuel pipeline explosion in central Mexico has led to the death of a recorded 91 people.  

Reuters reports that the explosion is one of the deadliest incidents to hit state-run oil company, Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) in years. The blast came after sever shortages of gasoline in central Mexico after President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador launched a large crackdown on fuel theft. Pipelines were closed in a bit to prevent criminal activity.     

Reuters were informed that some people at the blast site said that the shortages had encouraged local residents to try to make up the deficit by collecting fuel from the ruptured pipeline. Governor Omar Fayad told Reuters, “In part, it was the shortage; people said ‘there’s gasoline here, it’s free, it’s spilling onto the ground, let’s get it.’”

Fayad added that the 91 recorded deaths were likely to go up to over 100.

Lopez Obrador’s government has been scrutinised for its handling of the incident and questions have also been raised about why Pemex took so long to shut off the pipeline, Reuters states.

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