Metso considers plans to centralise European warehouse operations

Flow equipment manufacturer Metso has announced intentions to evaluate the potential centralisation of its warehousing operations in Europe.

The company is initiating consultations for the process, which is part of its global distribution and logistics footprint development.

“Our target is to enable world-class logistics with easy scalability of operations,” commented Jarkko Aro, senior vice-president for customer logistics at Metso.

“Flexible, state-of-the-art warehouse operations would allow orders to be collected and dispatched to customers directly from central warehouses. It would also enable considerable savings in end-to-end freight costs and reduced CO2 emissions.”

During the consultations, Metso will consider different options related to the continuation of its current warehouse operations in nine locations in Norway, Sweden, the UK, France, Spain, the Czech Republic, Turkey and Russia.

The consultations are expected to impact around 40 employees and are related solely to warehouse operations.

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