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Metallized Carbon announces new product breakthrough

Metallized Carbon Corporation, a global manufacturer of oil-free, self-lubricating, carbon-graphite materials for severe service lubrication applications, has announced the availability of mechanical seal primary rings for sealing refrigerants and other low viscosity liquids.

Low viscosity liquids such as Freon refrigerants, liquid oxygen, liquid carbon dioxide, propane, ethylene, and acetone are now being successfully sealed using mechanical seals with Metcar Grade M-444, antimony impregnated, carbon-graphite primary seal rings.

Designing mechanical seals for sealing refrigerants and other low viscosity liquids has been a difficult problem for seal manufactures for many years, according to the company.

It adds that it has now been established that mechanical seals with antimony impregnated, carbon-graphite primary rings and solid silicon carbide counter face rings can solve this problem.