Merck Millipore launches pumps for pharmaceutical testing

Merck Millipore, the Life Science division of Merck, has launched a new range of pumps for sterility testing of pharmaceutical products in laminar flow hoods, isolators and clean rooms.

Steritest Symbio Pumps were developed to address stringent pharmaceutical testing requirements.

'The Steritest Symbio Pumps are the newest addition to our comprehensive portfolio of innovative and reliable sterility testing products,' says John Sweeney, head of lab solutions, Merck Millipore. 'Sterility testing is a critical aspect of pharmaceutical production and necessary for the release of sterile products to market.'

The compact housing design of the pumps allows easier access in laminar flow hoods and enables compatibility with vertical and horizontal air flows. The new design also frees working space and increases loading capacity in isolators, improving workflows and efficiency.

An ergonomic pump head ensures quick introduction of filtration units and removes the risk of pinched gloves. Its automatic closure provides repeatable tubing placement, and thus reliable splitting of the liquid sample. The buttons are designed for operation with isolator gloves. In addition, the pump is easy to clean and resistant to gas decontamination in isolators.

Steritest Symbio Pumps feature a timer function, enabling small volumes to be sampled with accuracy. Two canister pressure detection modes are programmed to alert the operator, reducing the risk of test interruption and maximizing efficiency.

'Sterility testing can be time-consuming and impacted by variability in user technique,' notes Olivier Mazille, product manager sterility testing. 'By incorporating a compact, easy-to-use design and step-by-step onscreen guidance, Steritest Symbio Pumps increase reliability, improve workflows and maximize convenience for operators.'

The dedicated test management software allows easy creation and management of test methods and simplified pump memory updates. The test methods library stores up to 250 filtration protocols ensuring test method reproducibility and saving time. Additionally, operators are given step-by-step assistance throughout the testing procedure.

A comprehensive range of services, such as installation and training, validation protocols and IQ/OQ services help to ensure compliance.

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