MENA region failing to meet water demands

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The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is struggling to meet growing water demand - especially for agriculture as it is the larger user of water, researchers have revealed.
The war in Ukraine has only exacerbated the situation impacting especially food security with an unprecedented increase in food prices in the region.
"Recycling water could supplement, or substitute water needs in sectors suffering from water shortage, reduce groundwater pumping and alleviate the use of freshwater in the agricultural sector" researchers from the ReWater MENA have reported.   
The ReWater MENA team, led by theInternational Water Management Institute (IWMI)and its partners, has dedicated four years to exploring the expansion of safe water reuse in the region. Drawing on experience with water reuse strategies already developed in the region, the project identifies promising innovations and validated reuse models, with a focus on Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon.
REVOLVE is working closer with IWMI on the ReWater MENA project producing a series of articles highlighting the challenges and solutions the region is facing around water and wastewater management.

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