M&C Engineering keeps sludge moving with Borger pump

M&C Engineering has helped a water company bring an end to a costly and time-consuming diesel pump application by introducing a new skid-mounted unit from Borger.
As a tank was being replaced at a treatment works, the water company was paying significant hire and running costs, as well as dealing with excessive noise – but the flow is now being diverted by a 24.4kW Borger EL 1550 pump, which has been skid-mounted by M&C Engineering, who also supplied valves, control panel and canopy.
Richard Shipp, director at M&C Engineering, a full turnkey services provider, said: “We’re very impressed with Borger, as is our customer.
“The new pump has been running 24/7 with no problems whatsoever. The diesel pumps that were at the plant were very hungry and expensive to run – and although this is a temporary set-up to keep the RAS (Return Activated Sludge), moving, the Borger pump is lined up for a permanent installation with our customer, making good use of CAPEX.”
Benefitting from its maintenance-in-place design, which requires only basic tools for servicing, Borger’s self-priming rotary lobe pumps are proven worldwide across a multitude of industries, as well as in municipal wastewater treatment.
With a reversible flow option, Borger’s rotary lobe pumps are also suitable for loading and unloading applications.

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