Matchpoint appointed North American distributor for TaKaDu water management software

TaKaDu, a provider of integrated event management (IEM) solutions for the water industry, has appointed system integrator Matchpoint, specialising in leak detection solutions, as a distributor in the North American region.

Matchpoint will provide sales, deployment support, and ongoing services to US water utilities using TaKaDu’s IEM software.

Based on big data analytics, TaKaDu's “Internet of Things” cloud-based solution enables water utilities to analyse and manage the full life-cycle of network events, such as leaks, bursts, water pressure issues, water quality, and faulty assets.

Using raw data from multiple sources, TaKaDu helps utilities detect problems early, reduce water loss, shorten repair cycles, and improve customer service.

Barry Hales, president of Matchpoint, said water is “the world’s most precious resource” and as such the company wishes to work to preserve it.

“The addition of TaKaDu to our toolbox corroborates our mission of providing the information and technology solutions that water companies depend on to operate their businesses effectively. While our sensors provide the raw data, TaKaDu brings it to life – analysing the data and predicting events before they occur,” Hales said.

“With the ongoing drought in California, and wide awareness of water issues, we’re seeing growing interest in TaKaDu’s event management solution from US water utilities for optimising network efficiency,” said Craig Gooch, TaKaDu’s regional director for North America.

“Reducing water loss is more important than ever, together with the improvement of customer service,” he continued.

TaKaDu’s patented solution is used by water utilities worldwide, including Australia, South America, and Europe.

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