Making digital transformation a reality in oil and gas industry

Unlocking the value of process data through digital transformation not only offers oil and gas operators huge benefits it is also an essential step for businesses to remain efficient and competitive in the future.
However, many digital initiative projects either fail completely or do not deliver the rewards expected. Why is this and what steps can be taken to ensure digital success?
Digitisation, digitalisation and digital transformation are not new to the oil and gas industry.
For decades, operators have been adopting new technology and utilizing data analytics to try to gain greater efficiency and reliability, increase productivity, and enhance safety.
Despite these efforts though, the predicted potential locked within the data has rarely been fully realised. Indeed, according to McKinsey, 70% of complex, large-scale change programs do not reach their stated goals.
Is it any wonder, therefore, that there is a reasonable portion of skepticism throughout the industry when it comes to discussing digital transformation for the future?
Although there have been disappointments in the past, these need to be overcome to start to truly...

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