Major water leak repaired in US city

Employees for the US city of Pipestone in Minnesota tracked down and repaired a major city water leak, according to local news outlet Pipestone County Star.

While on average the city reportedly uses 400,000 gallons of water per day, the city’s water system was leaking 160,000 gallons daily. This poses a leak threat of 35%, up from a normal rate of 10-12%.

“It’s definitely leaking,” Pipestone water and wastewater supervisor Joel Adelmen told Pipestone County Star.

“We just don’t know where. We’re shutting it on and off at night to keep them with water when they need it.”

Using leak detection technology from an undisclosed company, the workers were able to discover the location of the major leak near Second Street. There, they found a split in the pipe and repaired it.

Despite the city’s budgeting for water maintenance, water leaks have been a trending topic in the city of Pipestone, according to Adelman. Just last month, a leak caused a local landmark, the Pipestone National Monument, to close its services earlier.

“The DNR (Department of Natural Resources) likes to see you at 10 percent or less but we have [an] aging pipe,” Adelman said.

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