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Magnetic drive pump from Clark Solutions

Clark Solutions have unveiled a new magnetic drive gear pump designed for laboratory instrument, medical device, cooling system, and other applications.

The Model Series 15000 rotary vane pumps are a pressure/vacuum source delivering smooth, pulse-free gas flow for gas analysers, medical devices, process samplers and other analytical instrument applications.

Measuring 106 x 50 mm or 132 x 50 mm, depending on the specific model, these pumps can be mounted in any position, making them easy to incorporate into design schematics.

Model 15000 Pumps are 12VDC powered and field-replaceable without the need for special tools. Useful for material handling and many general automation applications, in addition to use in autoclaves, drying systems, and other instrumentation, these pumps feature carbon vanes and are rated for maximum inert gas flow to 12 LPM (0.423 CFM) and a maximum differential pressure of 1500 mbar/800 mbar.