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Magnetic breakaway device for high flow dispensers

A new version of Husky Corp.'s patent-pending magnetic fuelling breakaway device is now available. Husky supplies fuel nozzles, safe-t-breaks and accessories.

The MagBreak CK 1" for high flow rate applications separates at less than 225lbs pull force following an accidental fuel hose separation. MagBreak CK and the MagBreak 0.75" model restore fuel dispensing operations quickly by making it very easy to reconnect fuel hoses.

Fuel hoses are designed to break in two sections when adequate pull force is applied, while dual check valves keep fuel from leaking and creating a hazard. Separation happens when customers accidentally drive off with the hose still in the vehicle after refuelling.

It can also occur during so-called 'nuisance breaks' when high line shock causes abrupt pressure changes in fuel hoses. In either case, if there is no damage to the dispenser, the fuel marketer wants to reattach the breakaway device and get back in operation as quickly as possible.

MagBreak makes reconnections simple and fast; it features a patent-pending magnetic mechanism that essentially pulls the breakaway halves back together without effort. A twist-to-lock feature indicates when the assembly is locked and reconnected.

This magnetic design is the key allowing easy reconnection and makes the UL listed MagBreak almost maintenance-free.