Magma wins contract from C-Innovation for pipe supply in Gulf of Mexico

Magma Global has been chosen by C-Innovation to supply m-pipe thermoplastic composite subsea jumpers for flowline intervention in the Gulf of Mexico.

The 4-inch diameter 10ksi m-pipes are expected to be deployed in the next few months.

C-Innovation plans to carry out a remediation of suspected blockage or restriction in a subsea production system using Flexi-Coil. The work will be performed in water depths of up to 6,500 feet on different assets in the Gulf of Mexico.

Work will involve lowering a drill pipe riser through the moonpool of an offshore support vessel, before connecting to subsea infrastructure using the m-pipe jumpers in a free-handing steep wave configuration.

The Flexi-Coil will be run down the drill pipe risers, through the m-pipe jumper and into the production flowline.

m-pipe is a thermoplastic composite pipe (TCP) made from PEEK and carbon fibre, lasered together to form a continuous, bonded flexible pipe. The construction produces a jumper that is lightweight, strong and with high bend strain capacity.

Additionally, it does not corrode in seawater and has superior resistance against a wide range of oilfield chemicals. The flexible m-pipe jumper will remove heave from the vessel and provide a smooth pathway to ease Flexi-Coil access.

“This deployment marks a first for Magma in the Gulf of Mexico,” commented Charles Tavner, COO of Magma. “We are seeing a rapid rise in the number of contractors looking to exploit m-pipe as it is increasingly accepted that TCP is the future for the oil and gas industry. It is always a pleasure to see the feedback from the first time a company handles this material as it is so strong yet light and flexible.”

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