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MadgeTech releases pressure, humidity and temperature data logger

MadgeTech, a specialist data logging solutions, has announced the release of its new pressure, humidity and temperature data logger.

The PRHTemp101A data logger is compact and optimised for both industrial and laboratory applications including storage or warehouse facilities, incubator monitoring, monitoring weather data or measuring barometric pressure in high-rise buildings.

In addition to weather monitoring or industrial storage applications, clinical laboratories and clean rooms can also utilise the PRHTemp101A to measure and maintain critical pressure, humidity or temperature levels, with this portable, compact device.

The PRHTemp101A data logger features include internal pressure, humidity, and RTD temperature sensors, capable of NIST traceable calibration with certification. The built-in memory capacity securely stores data up to 668,128 readings per channel. The device can also be configured to use password protection to limit user access to be read only when necessary.

With a standard 10-year battery life, the PRHTemp101A also offers configurable pressure channel alarms to alert users when the environment exceeds desired thresholds. LED warnings can be enabled for users within close proximity to the logger, or other notification options such as email, on-screen and text message alerts can also be configured.

The PRHTemp101A uses the latest MadgeTech 4 software, available to download free from the company's website. MadgeTech 4 is an all-in-one package for storing files, creating formal reports, and performing in-depth analysis. Data downloaded from all data loggers is automatically saved to the internal file database within the MadgeTech software, ensuring original records are always maintained. Customisable graphical, tabular and statistic reports can be created to present to clients, auditors, or kept for a physical archive. The software features the ability to export to Excel, data annotation, digital calibration and more.