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Lummus Technology launches new polypropylene grades

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Lummus Technology has announced the launch of its Novolen® PPure™ polypropylene (PP) portfolio - a new grade-range of polymers.
The new non-phthalate process technology provides significant energy savings by delivering an improved hydrogen response with the catalyst.
“Lummus continues to raise the bar with Novolen’s new line of PPure polypropylene process technologies,” said Romain Lemoine, chief business officer of polymers and petrochemicals, Lummus Technology.
“The PPure portfolio provides our end users access to new and more sustainable product grades, plus the innovative technology extends the application of an existing plant and reduces CO2 emissions that is unmatched in the current marketplace. We are proud to offer operators a choice in technology based on their need or end-product targets and help our licensees remain competitive in the marketplace.”
The PPure technology portfolio includes several variants applicable for an operators’ process and end-product requirements. Grades within PPure include high crystallinity homopolymers, ethylene random copolymers and advanced impact copolymers.
The ethylene random copolymers include high-flow characteristics and ethylene content up to 5%, delivering clarity and low extractables, making them a perfect choice for food packaging applications.
The advanced impact copolymers convey high flowability and have excellent impact-stiffness balance and no-break behavior, ideal for lightweight interior and under-the-hood automotive parts.