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LUKOIL selects Lummus Technology for Russian refinery work

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Lummus Technology has been awarded a contract by LUKOIL for a new integrated methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE) and alkylation plant.
This will be built at the oil and gas company’s refinery in Perm, Russia.
The MTBE unit will use Lummus' CDEtherol technology and the alkylation unit will use the CDAlky® technology.
Lummus' scope includes technology licensing, basic engineering, technical services and proprietary equipment supply.
"We are grateful to LukOil and to be able to support them for many years and in various locations. This extension of our relationship underscores their continued confidence in our comprehensive technology solutions to assist them in producing cleaner, more efficient fuels," said Leon de Bruyn, president and CEO of Lummus Technology.
"The CDEtherol and CDAlky combination will provide world-class performance, flexibility and lower process emissions. These were important factors in LUKOIL's technology evaluation, and more importantly, they will be critical throughout the refinery's life cycle."
Lummus' CDEtherol and CDAlky technologies provide benefits to operators including excellent product quality, reduced utility and energy consumption, reduced maintenance requirements and the flexibility to produce bio-fuels in the future.
In 2021, LUKOIL selected Lummus' Novolen polypropylene technology for two new petrochemical facilities in Burgas, Bulgaria, and Kstovo, Russia.