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Louisiana Valve Source introduces new gate valve

Louisiana Valve Source (LVS), a valve repair and remanufactured process equipment producer, has announced the release of the Sup-R-Seal Model ES gate valve for the midstream pipeline market.

The new through conduit expanding gate valves are aimed at the oil and gas markets for diverse applications, from liquid and slurry piping systems to crude oil and natural gas liquids transport.

According to LVS, the Sup-R-Seal valves achieve improved reliability and availability with features such as in-line repair, custom packing set design, smooth flow conduit, seat face protection, and double block and bleed capability.

“The double block and bleed capability helps reduce the number of potential leak paths to meet the more stringent EPA regulations. The fully protected seat faces in both the open and closed positions allow for extended life of the seats,” says Justyn Durand, product manager for Sup-R-Seal Gate Valve.

‘Utilizing the Sup-R-Seal ultimately reduces the need for two separate valves, and therefore offers a more-cost effective solution by lowering maintenance costs, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership,” added Brad Bergeron, president and CEO of LVS.

The new engineered gate valve complies with the API 6D specification for pipeline valves.