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LinkTech to release new durable couplings for large-flow applications

LinkTech Quick Couplings is due to launch two new lines of couplings in July this year.

The 60PP Series large flow couplings offer the highest available 3/8" flow with both valved and non-valved configurations.

These couplings are manufactured from medical grade, gamma sterilisable polypropylene which allows greater chemical resistance. The cost-efficient high flow couplings come equipped with a larger, more robust thumb-latch as well as a new and improved panel mount that has a stronger more reliable design for thicker wall panels and other various applications.

The 60PS Series large flow couplings are produced in high performance thermoplastic Udel polysulfone material. These 3/8" flow size couplings are more durable and stable at higher temperatures. The couplings offer a new and improved panel mount design that has a more reliable thumb-latch for ease-of-use.

60PS couplings interconnect with all other 60 Series Ccouplings in the LinkTech product range as well as other similar industry high flow couplings.