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Life science industry supplier selects WMFTG hose to meet safety requirements

A Singapore-based leading supplier to the life science industry has selected Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group’s (WMFTG) Aflex Bioflex Ultra insulated hose to meet its fluid processing needs.

Having installed a jacketed bioreactor with associated flexible hoses to circulate fluid, the company was facing several issues related to the low temperatures required in their processes. Running the process at -5 degrees Celsius led to condensation forming on the hoses, which then fell onto the cleanroom floor, causing safety and good manufacturing practice (GMP) issues.

To solve this problem, an alternative hose was selected with a cover to insulate the hose and prevent condensation from forming. However, this was still not adequate, as condensation continued to leak from the covers. Moreover, the new hoses were not flexible and kinked, while leaks also occurred at the crimping point where the hoses connected to the reactor.

A third type of hose was then selected, which was specially designed to solve the previous issues, with a sleeve to prevent condensation and a metal cover over the hose to prevent leaks. However, kinks again formed in the hose and the sleeve was unable to prevent condensation forming and falling onto the floor.

Finally, the company decided to work with WMFTG, which recognised the need for a reliable solution. The Aflex Bioflex Ultra insulated hose was selected to overcome safety issues related to condensation. With a PTFE lining, the hose is well-insulated, resulting in no condensation at low temperatures, and is still easy to handle in high temperature processes.

Engineers from WMFTG liaised directly with the factory to integrate the new hoses into the existing process, ensuring that all requirements were satisfied. The hose was securely connected and a rubber cover was used on the ends, eliminating the risk of leaks and any cleaning issues.