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Latest Wangen progressing cavity pump offers simple maintenance and operational safety

German pump manufacturer Wangen Pumpen has added the Wangen Xpress series to its portfolio of progressing cavity pumps specifically designed for easy maintenance and operational safety.

The new series of pumps targets companies specialising in wastewater treatment, biogas production, and industrial plants that convey highly viscous fluids and abrasive sludge and require a speedy maintenance of its pumps.

The Wangen Xpress progressing cavity pumps are available in two sizes, with the Wangen Xpress 48 offering pumping volumes up to 18m³/h and the Xpress 64 volumes up to 56m³/h with a maximum differential pressure up to 6 bar.

Both pumps are suitable for conveying abrasive and fibrous sludge, such as dewatered sewage sludge, as well as liquid manure or fermenter recirculate during the production of biogas.

The Xpress pumps also offer complete in-place maintenance capability and operation safety.

Complete in-place maintenance means that the plant operator is able to replace all of the pump’s wear parts without the usual dismantling of pipe connections.

To achieve this, the Xpress is equipped with a tiltable pump set, which enables replacing the rotor and stator by simply tilting upwards or sideways.

This saves the operator considerable space and time during servicing as only a few simple steps and four standard tools are required for maintenance.

The shaft seal can also be replaced quickly and easily via the drive side, and due to the compact dimensions of the pump series, all work can be performed by a single person.

The in-place solutions previously available in the market have featured an additional pressurised joint in the pump’s interior, which enables rotor and stator replacement in installed condition, but also increases the risk of leakage.

By contrast, the discharge flange in the design of Wangen Xpress removes the need for an additional interior sealing joint, meaning that pump failures cannot be caused due to product leakage.

Both Xpress models are supplied with a standard wear-resistant cardan joint for maximum operational safety.