Large UK leak to receive long-awaited repairs

A large leak in Wigan that has left several homes and business without water for weeks is going to receive repairs, according to Wigan Today.

The report outlines that among the households and businesses affected is the Wigan Investment Centre where half of the building has experienced issues related to the leak, including the disability of several toilets.

Commuters have also been affected by the leak, as water was pouring up from underneath the street, presenting a hazard for drivers unaware of the issue.

However, UK water provider United Utilities announced that it has sent out maintenance teams to begin excavation operations in the area to repair the damaged water pipes and restore normal water pressure.

“Locating leaks on our water network can be challenging, which is why we use a wide range of technology to help us with our leak detection,” a spokesperson from United Utilities told Wigan Today.

“In Wigan this weekend we deployed additional leak detection teams to the Pottery Road area to locate a leak affecting water pressure to the Wigan Investment Centre and surrounding properties.

“The leak detection team pinpointed the leak to private land near Eckersley Mill. We expect to be able to gain access to this land and we will complete repairs and restore water pressure in the area to normal levels. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

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