Landia Pumps help cut through the layers of grease

“I used to dread coming here,” said Mitch Puckett, director of the City’s Water and Sewer Department.

And no wonder. Despite the installation of two pumps that were sold as being able to cope with typical lift station debris, the chore of having to unblock rags became an all too regular occurrence – in less than 12 months from when they were installed. Then, there was the grease.

‘Layer of grease more than seven feet thick’

Even with all the grease traps that are in use at food establishments as per code enforcements, it seems that almost every town in America has at least one lift station that its sewer department dreads – and at Madisonville, the layer of grease – for all the hard work to keep it at bay – would at times build up to more than seven feet thick!

“It was unreal,” commented Kevin Story, Director of Public Works for the City of Madisonville.

“It was also ridiculous that so soon after the installation, the problems at this, our most recently built lift station, meant Mitch and I having to spend so much time trying to put it right. Pulling these pumps out...

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