Landia pump supports Lancashire farm’s slurry operation

A Landia chopper pump is playing a vital role in the use of slurry as a fertiliser at a Lancashire, UK farm.

Using energy captured from solar panels at the all-electric, 100-hectare farm, the 7.5 Landia pump transfers slurry 510 metres, directly from the main dry cow house to the external lagoon, making significant savings on fuel and labour.

A supplier to the Arla dairy co-operative, Old Holly Farm near Garstang is run almost entirely by Ian Pye. Pye said he tried a diesel pump initially, but the process was costly and took up too much time.

“Every drop of slurry is important to us, so we wanted a simple and long-lasting solution, which to be honest, we believed we could achieve with Landia, but given their pedigree, thought would be too expensive,” said Pye.

“However, this just wasn’t the case at all with cost and five years on, the decision has been more than justified; very good value for money, actually. It just works; very reliable. Compared to scooping up slurry with a tractor and then transporting it, sending it directly to the lagoon with a decent pump is a no-brainer.

“In five years, all we’ve ever needed for the pump has been a new float switch, which is very good going. Even then, it was all very simple and economical; quick turnaround, with a part that our electrician could fit easily.”

Pye said some companies make the supply of spare parts “unnecessarily difficult and very costly”, but that Landia has provided nothing but “friendly and helpful” support.

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