Landia digester systems set for Indonesia

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Landia is supplying 12 of its digester mixing systems for pre-treatment tanks at a wastewater facility in Indonesia.
Part of a major Bio Production Plant in Java, the facility converts grass materials into biodegradable bags, with the excess matter utilised to produce biogas in six 4,000m3 rectangular concrete tanks.
To accelerate the installation, Landia is sending the pipework of its externally-mounted systems in self-assembly sets, with an appointed engineer to supervise the set-up.
At the heart of the system is the Chopper Pump (invented by Landia in 1950), plus venturi nozzles, which will provide comprehensive mixing of the tanks, so that no crust forms on the surface of the liquid.
Fergus Clark, who heads up the Asia-Pacific region for Landia, said: "This is a very important new order, which underlines the effectiveness of our digester mixing system and the unrivalled reputation it has for maximising biogas yields.
“Operators also like the fact that it is so reliable, and that everything is easily accessible on the outside of the tank - with no working at height. Unlike some systems, there is no downtime or very costly emptying of the tank for servicing or repair."

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