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Landia chopper pump brings salvation to US rescue mission

A Landia chopper pump has proved a godsend at the Twin Cities Rescue Mission (TCRM) in Marysville, California.

Plagued by a sewage pump that constantly plugged up and broke down, TCRM, established in 1956 to provide food and shelter to those in need, finally had to bring in porta potties when the pump burned out completely.

Relying on financial or food donations only, with no government funding to support its work, TCRM called upon MuniQuip – a Roseville, California-based specialist in fluid handling and dewatering solutions for municipal and industrial processes – for help.

To address the unreliable sewage lift station, MuniQuip sought the most reliable, cost-effective, and long-term solution.

A Landia chopper pump was considered the best option to allow TRCM to concentrate on assisting the community’s current needs as well as helping residents move forward in life, rather than spend valuable time on wastewater matters.

Roger Vaca, executive director of TCRM, said: “After so many problems with the old pump, I was pretty much doing a jig to celebrate us at long last having a decent piece of equipment. MuniQuip and Landia have been great.”

Vaca founded TCRM with his wife Linda 25 years ago, and at the time the Mission served around 15-20 people.

Over the years the number of daily guests has risen to well over 100, with around 50 residents staying with TCRM every night.

The old pump could not cope with the increase, but according to Vaca it was “not the best” anyway.

“Our old pump continually struggled and then began to pack up completely in the spring. We tried hard to resolve everything before the rise in temperatures, but had no choice in the end but to bring in four porta potties, which had to be emptied twice per week.

“Now, since its installation, the Landia chopper pump, which has to pump the sludge 1,100ft to the city sewer line, has been running fabulously,” Vaca said.

As TCRM only has single-phase 230V power available, Landia also supplied a custom-built control panel, including a Danfoss variable frequency drive for phase-conversion, in order to run the three-phase explosion-proof motor on the chopper pump.

Soren Rasmussen, director at Landia, said:  “We are very pleased to have been able to help TCRM get back on track with a reliable, long-term pump solution. The Mission does tremendous work for the community and deserves every bit of support it gets.”