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Landia and Cambi deliver big upswing in biogas production for water industry

Just south of Aberdeen, improvements continue to be made at Scottish Water’s Sludge Treatment Centre (STC) in Nigg – but at a site still approaching its full potential, 0.9-1.0MW per tonne of dry solids is already being consistently produced.
Part of its trailblazing route-map to lead the water industry to net zero emissions and beyond by 2040 (five years ahead of the Scottish Government’s ambitious plan to become carbon neutral by 2045), Scottish Water’s go ahead STC at Nigg is becoming a showpiece energy generation centre.
In recognising some sweeping transformations that would have to happen over the next 25 years to achieve its target, Scottish Water’s refurbishment at Nigg has seen an upgrade of Cambi’s Thermal Hydrolysis Process (THP) – and the introduction of a new digester mixing system – from Landia.
Scottish Water was a pioneer in 2001, when it commissioned the fifth ever Cambi THP plant. Over the past two years, Cambi has modernised outdated control and measurement systems – and is currently upgrading the heat exchangers. The plant can treat up to 60 tonnes of dry solids per day, but further improvements could increase this...

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