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Lakeside aeration technology still going strong after 56 years

In the Trail Times, it was recently reported that “the Village of Montrose has been successful in its application for funding under the Infrastructure Canada Grant Programme for upgrades to the Village’s waste water treatment facility - a project that will modernise the 56-year-old plant”.
Not that one should be critical of a local newspaper that covers this village in south eastern British Colombia (two hours north of Spokane) – a publication which understandably knows that its readers won’t necessarily require all the finer details of a sewage treatment plant.
However, it didn’t mention the fact that Montrose’s original aeration technology, installed by Lakeside Equipment, back in 1963, is still in operation – and is very probably the longest lasting engineering of its type to still be in working order in the whole of Canada, North America, if not the world!
It was even further back in 1942 that Leon Simmons had the idea of developing what was then known as Woods Flats (an area of about 220 acres) into a retirement village for workers from the nearby Cominco (now Teck) smelter.
In 1956, Woods Flats was incorporated as a village, and...

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