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Kytola introduces stainless steel flowmeter

A US manufacturer of flowmeters, oil colour analysers, water in oil analysers and oil lubrication monitoring systems, Kytola, announced the newest addition to their industrial oval gear line of flowmeters.

The stainless steel model SRP is a solution for process control in industries such as automotive, chemical, oil and gas.

Specifically designed for flow measurement of liquids in demanding industrial environments, the positive displacement flowmeter is suitable for a range of. It displays the correct flow rate regardless of the liquid temperature, viscosity change or pulsating flow and provides substantially lower pressure drop than conventional gear flow meters, according to Kytola.

The SRP can be installed vertically or horizontally in areas where space is limited. It has been engineered for flow rates from 0.25 to 150 litres a minute, with a maximum pressure rating up to 600 bar. Other features include choice of sensor, gear material and connection type.