KSB updates centrifugal Etaprime pump range for additional applications

The Frankenthal, Germany-based pump manufacturer KSB Aktiengesellschaft has launched the latest versions of its self-priming centrifugal Etaprime pumps.

The new pump offers high suction properties, even under relatively poor inlet conditions where the inlet pressure is low.

At negative inlet pressure, for example, the pumps still manage up to 9m suction lift.

Fluids with entrained gas can also be handled without installing a foot valve.

The pump sets are designed for handling fluids of temperatures between -30°C and 90°C.

Their maximum head is 105m and the flow rate can go up to 180m3/h.

The new generation series comprises 28 sizes, which can be driven by either two- or four-pole IE3 motors.

The pumps are available in compact close-coupled design (Etaprime B) or as classic baseplate-coupling-motor versions (Etaprime L).

All mating dimensions are fully compatible with those of the previous generation.

Depending on the application, the pumps are available with oil-lubricated rolling element bearings or those grease-packed for service life.

Connections for temperature or shock pulse sensors on the bearing brackets can also be provided.

The materials available include cast iron and stainless steel, which make the new type series suitable for a wider application range rather than for merely handling water.

The space allocated to the mechanical seal is large and ensures good venting in this area, while also facilitating installation and removal of the mechanical seals.

For more demanding applications, double mechanical seals can be fitted in tandem or back-to-back arrangement.

For handling emulsions, there is a new material available for sealing elements as standard.

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