KSB launches new submersible borehole pumps

KSB announced that it is expanding its portfolio of submersible borehole pumps.

The new pumps have a diameter of up to 50 inches as well as a drive rating of 5MW. The pumps will be capable of handling upwards of 5000m3 per hour at heads of up to 1500m.

KSB claims that, in comparison to dry-installed pumps, the advantage of submersible borehole pumps is the notably longer service lifespan and that the wet motors are not compromised by flooding.

The firm also offers double-entry designs for particularly high load conditions alongside more conventional single-entry designs. The double-entry design was originally used for drainage application in mines.

Back-to-back impeller arrangements integrated into the double-entry design reduces the axial thrust and associated bearing loads.

KSB argues that the growing scale of projects has resulted in an increased demand in the volume flow rates of pumps. This demand also manifests in water supply, cavern and offshore applications.

The drives in the pumps are water-filled high voltage motors ranging from 1kV to 11 kV.

Developed in-house at KSB, the new range of pumps are manufactured at KSB’s German production facility in Frankenthal.

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