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KSB creates taskforce to combat trademark infringements

German based valve and pump manufacturer KSB has moved to protect its products from brand and trademark infringements.

The twin forces of globalisation and digitalisation have changed business models, allowing even high-priced goods to be sold over the internet and distributed around the world. “Unfortunately, this is also leading to a sharp increase in brand and trademark infringements regarding offers made on online platforms,” according to a statement from KSB.

“Mainly Asian manufacturers are using the good reputation of the long-established manufacturer KSB to market their products.” The statement from the company continues. “Under protected KSB brand names, they offer pumps and valves as well as spare parts for sale on international trading platforms. In particular, the names of well-known products, such as Etanorm, Omega and BOA, are frequently used. But the umbrella brand ‘KSB’ is also often misused to maliciously deceive the targeted buyers.”

KSB has identified 420 marketers on eight different online platforms “illegally misusing” the manufacturer’s product names over the last ten months. To fight this practice, which is harming KSB’s business, the company has assembled a new taskforce.

Working with an Italian partner, the taskforce makes sure that all infringements are reported to the operators of the online platforms, so the false advertisements can be removed. If necessary, legal action is taken against those committing the trademark infringements.