KSB bringing remote pump acceptance testing to IFAT

(via KSB)
(via KSB)

Instead of on-site hydraulic acceptance tests and final inspection to prove compliance and values, the company will offer a streaming service to enable remote inspections to conclude a pump purchase. Remote testing was introduced last year at the company’s Halle, Germany site and plans to implement the service at all of its facilities.

The new process is meant to save customers—who often work in remote locations—the expense of traveling to the KSB manufacturing facility in order to verify testing first-hand. The company says that this remote method still provides reliable and standard-compliant testing.

The tests are transmitted via a secure stream that will include a live view of the pump in the test facility as well as characteristic curve measurement during testing. Tests will also return all data necessary to secure DIN EN ISO 9906 certification, enabling an assessment of efficiency.

To promote it at IFAT, the company will use a ‘360-degree presentation’ to give visitors a good sense of the facilities at the Halle site.

Before the test, KSB supplies the client’s test engineer with organisational information, order data sheets and a detailed description of the acceptance testing, including the instruments used for measurement and relevant calibration certificates.

The Halle test facilities can take pump sets with a drive rating of up to 10 MW and a flow rate of up to 21,000 m³/h. String tests using the customer’s original motors, transformers and frequency inverters can also be done.

(via KSB)