Krueger Sentry Gauge releases two chemical sight gauges for aggressive liquids

Krueger Sentry Gauge has released two new classes of chemical sight gauges, the Type H-S3 and PH, developed in response to a need within the industry for a robust tank gauge that could withstand use in harsh fluids.

The new products include an innovative three-piece calibration arrangement that is used in both H-S3 and PH model+s.

The H-S3 is part of Krueger’s Therma Gauge Stainless Level 3 line and includes an aluminium lock nut at the sight base, with tank mounting provided by either a 1.5” or 2” 316 stainless steel tank bushing.

The internal rods and float are also both composed of 316 stainless steel, measuring accurately in tank depths of 12” to 120”.

The Type PH falls under the All Plastic Therma Gauge line and is constructed completely from engineered plastics.

It utilises a high strength PVC gauge guard with a choice of a 1.5” or 2” tank bushing, and its all-plastic construction continues with an HDPE float and internal rods made from PEEK, or optional Kynar.

Keeping in line with Krueger’s complete product offerings, both gauges are available with many options.

They include a gauge guard, an audible alarm, and remote level monitoring with Krueger’s LED At-A-Glance, which allows tank level monitoring from up to 100ft away.

Krueger also supplies a full range of replacement parts, detailed instructions, as well as technical support.

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