Krohne’s PipePatrol software monitors and protects pipelines

Measurement specialist Krohne has launched a comprehensive suite of software modules for single and multi-product pipelines for oil, gas, water, chemical or refined products.

Known as PipePatrol, the software offers monitoring and protection of pipelines in all operating conditions. It can be supplied in a range of configurations, with eight individual modules covering leak detection, theft detection, stress monitoring, line break detection, tightness monitoring, batch tracking, pump monitoring and predictive modelling.

The modules can be used stand-alone or in combination, and can be complemented by a range of instrumentation, cybersecurity and field data acquisition systems.

The leak detection module provides the PipePatrol Extended Real Time Transient Model (E-RTTM) based leak detection and localisation for liquids and gases. It is complemented by the theft detection module that specialises on fast and reliable identification and localisation of unauthorised or illegal product discharges, while the tightness monitoring module to detect small or gradual leaks.

To efficiently detect pipeline ruptures, the line break detection module can be applied. It uses a pipeline rupture pattern recognition for automatic emergency shutdown in case of a line break. The batch tracking module for batch and interface tracking in multi-product pipelines, and the stress monitoring module for evaluation and documentation of lifetime stress and remaining pipeline service life complement the operational modules.

The predictive modelling module forecasts pipeline operation and identifies possible threats such as shortage in supply. Its offline simulation can be used to find corrective measures as well as to plan optimised future operation. The pump monitoring module enables predictive maintenance and higher system availability by monitoring essential mechanical, electrical and hydrodynamic measurement values.

PipePatrol complies with international standards and company standards, including some of those specified by Shell, Kuwait Oil, DOW and Saudi Aramco.

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