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Krohne updates Waterflux 3070, begins manufacturing in US

Instrumentation specialist Krohne has begun manufacturing the Waterflux 3070 battery powered water meter at its recently opened facility in Beverly, MA.

The Waterflux 3070 is, according to Krohne, the first all-in-one water meter with integrated pressure and temperature sensor. The updated Waterflux 3070 now offers a mains power option with battery backup, and Modbus RTU communication option for transmission of readings, meter status and alarms.

Another key feature of the upgraded Waterflux 3070 is extended communication options in a bid to meet water companies’ increasing demand for measurement and status data from water meters.

A new Modbus RTU output offers an alternative to the two pulse and two status outputs, transferred data includes measurement data, status data, actual values for pressure and temperature, and alarms. Modbus RTU can be provided by low (battery) power and a high (mains) power version. The low power Modbus version is unique to the market and can be used for data communication between a stand-alone battery-powered Waterflux 3070 version and a data logger GPRS module. When mains power is operated with FlexPower, the high featured Modbus option can be used for data transfer to automation and process control systems.

Krohne opened the Beverly facility in June 2018. At the time, the German company said that the Massachusetts facility represented its long term commitment to manufacturing in the US. As well as manufacturing a range of flow and measurement products, it serves as Krohne’s main distribution hub in North America.

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