Krohne leak detection webinar

In just over 3 weeks Fluid Handling International will be hosting Krohne’s ‘Rapid and reliable pipeline leak detection’ webinar. As to provide a brief overview of the online conference, we have listed topics that will be discussed by speaker, Daniel Vogt.  

-          The importance of leak monitoring systems

-          How to detect all types of leaks, not only the catastrophic and apparent

-          How to detect and avoid false alarms  

-          The E-RTTM method and how it detects pipeline leaks reliably

-          The design, implementation and use of pipelines

-          First-hand knowledge from the developer of Krohne’s leak detection system, PipePatrol

-          An insight into the different kinds of pipeline leak detection systems

The webinar will also offer you the opportunity to interact and ask any questions that you might have, as there will be a live Q & A session afterwards.

Click here to sign up to the webinar and expand your pipeline knowledge.

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