Krohne launches new vortex flowmeter

Germany-headquartered industrial manufacturer Krohne announced the launch of its new Optiswirl 4200 vortex flowmeter, which it describes as being ‘ideal’ for energy management systems.

According to Krohne, the flowmeter can be used for both conducting and non-conducting liquids, gases and steam, whilst also being able to be utilised in operations concerning the internal monitoring of energy flows for saturated and superheated steam or hot water.

Designed in accordance to international IEC 61508 functional safety standards, the 4200 is considered by Krohne to be a ‘major’ update to the original 4070. It has one temperature sensor integrated as standard, the device can be installed as a heat meter in the feed line directly connected with an external temperature sensor in the return line. The gross and net heat data can be fed into a distributed control system (DCS) to support advanced energy management.

The Optiswirl 4200 is also available in a remote version equipped with a field housing converter which includes a connection cable of up to 164 feet (50m).

It also includes a variety of electronic enhancements, including a new advanced vortex frequency detection (AVFD) function as well as a newly developed signal converter (VFC 200) with advanced signal processing and filtering that suppresses interferences and disturbances in the pick-up signal and filters out signals other than the relevant frequency band.


This article was written by Joshua Heer, junior editor of Fluid Handling International.

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