Krohne launches new Optimass flowmeter approved for custody transfer of liquids and gases

Flow measurement specialist Krohne has introduced a new Optimass 2000 S400 16-inch Coriolis mass flowmeter.

According to the company, the large diameter mass flowmeter is ideal for bulk measurement of petroleum and oil, as well as syrup, molasses and raw chemicals.

The meter has been approved for custody transfer of liquids and gases.

The Optimass 2000 S400 features the smallest installation footprint in its class and offers significant energy savings with a lower pressure drop. The meter’s small installation footprint compared to other meters on the market makes it ideal for applications where space is limited, like offshore platforms, or where alterations of existing pipework would otherwise be necessary.

According to the company, its flowmeter is able to handle flow rates as high as 4,600 tonnes per hour, the Optimass 2000 S400 features an accuracy of 0.1 percent with a turndown of 20:1, and an optional 0.05 percent “flat” accuracy with a turndown of 10:1. The high turndown ratios keep flow velocities low, preventing build up or deposits in hydrocarbon applications.

The meter is available with NACE-compliant stainless steel measuring tubes, as well as with a Super Duplex option that offers a maximum operating pressure of 180 barg; 2,610 psig. It also features an approved secondary containment option that handles up to 150 barg; 2,175 psig. 

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