Krohne introduces new Opticheck flowmeter verification tool

Krohne has introduced the Opticheck flowmeter verification tool, providing in-situ verification for mass and other flowmeters and enabling operators to perform preventive maintenance and responsive service.

When the Opticheck is connected in-line on site, it gathers measuring data to ensure that the flowmeter is performing within 1% of the factory calibration, with a confidence level of 95%.

The baseline for comparison can be historic repair data from the factory or on-site test results after performing a full verification. 

The lightweight, portable Opticheck is capable of verification of the range of Optimass Coriolis mass meters, Optisonic ultrasonic flowmeters, and Optoflux, Tidalflux, and Waterflux electromagnetic meters.

The equipment provides both a hard copy verification report for every flowmeter and digital storage of verification data in the internal database of the industrial tablet.

The device comes with all cables and accessories for easy connection and handling, and includes an option to download original factory calibration settings from the Krohne manufacturing database.

It is suitable for use within the water and wastewater, chemical and petrochemical, and minerals and mining industries, as well as in other flow measurement applications.

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